Gujarat is a vibrant place filled with folklore, energy, and clothing. Their arts and crafts serve as the foundation for their unique identity. The traditional attire reflects the unity of its culture. In this article let’s explore the beauty of Navratri Ethnic wear. Women may be seen elegantly decked up in Chaniya Choli, also known as Ghagra or Lehenga Cholis. This attire epitomizes Gujarati culture and is a tribute to femininity and grace. A chaniya is a knee-length skirt with an enormous flair. It either has vertical panels for extra flair or is cut and sewn at the waist. A blouse with buttons or a tie-up, typically at the back, is referred to as a choli.

How was the concept of Chaniya Choli derived?

Since the beginning of time, ladies have worn antariyas and uttariyas. Female attire were seen to be more avant-garde back then. Later, we adopted the lehenga choli concept from the Mughal influence.

Due to their adaptation, the western states developed their own archetype. It was known as the Chaniya Choli in Gujarat. Let’s know more what happens in future. Currently in conclusion we can say that Chaniya choli is a traditional outfit.

Chaniya Choli

Types of Chaniya Choli

There are various chaniya choli styles, but the classic chaniya choli serves as a canvas for Gujarat’s exquisite tribal embroidery, including Rabari, Heer Bharat, and Abla or Mirror work. While spinning around in the thrill of color and design, one should also take in the sight of bandhani chaniyas.

Bandhani chaniya choli: Fabrics are decorated with elaborate designs using the bandhani traditional tie-and-dye method. Bandhani chaniya cholis are among the most well-known and recognizable styles of chaniya cholis, and people frequently wear them to weddings and festivities.

Gota patti chaniya choli: Gota patti is a style of embroidery that makes beautiful motifs out of tiny pieces of gold or silver ribbon. Gota patti chaniya cholis are frequently worn for formal occasions and are typically constructed of silk or georgette fabric.

Mirror work: chaniya choli, is a kind of embroidery that employs tiny mirrors to produce reflecting patterns. Chaniya cholis with mirror work are popular for everyday wear and frequently made of cotton or chiffon fabric.

Bandhej chaniya choli: Similar to bandhani, bandhej is a style of tie-and-dyeing that creates larger, more angular patterns. Bandhej chaniya cholis are popular for everyday wear and frequently made of cotton cloth.

Patola chaniya choli: Patola is a kind of double-ikat silk fabric that is renowned for its elaborate and complicated patterns. Patola chaniya cholis are among the priciest and most opulent varieties of chaniya cholis, and people frequently wear them for important events like weddings and festivals.


In a nutshell, Chaniya Choli is a vibrant kaleidoscope of cotton and hues that is popular for both special events and everyday use. As a complement, odhini and conventional ornaments are used.

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