In a surprising turn of events, Sony has officially announced the cancellation of its highly anticipated $10 billion merger with Zee. A prominent media and entertainment conglomerate. This unexpected move has sent shockwaves throughout the industry, leaving many wondering about the reasons behind such a decision.

What led to the merger cancellation?

Punit Goenka said, “As I arrived at Ayodhya early this morning for the auspicious occasion of Pran Pratishtha, I received a message that the deal that I have spent 2 years envisioning and working towards had fallen through, despite my best and most honest efforts.”

“I believe this to be a sign from the Lord. I resolve to move ahead positively and work towards strengthening Bharat’s pioneering M&E Company, for all its stakeholders,” he added.

The merger was originally envisioned as a union of two industry powerhouses. Punit Goenka was set to lead the combined company, as per the agreement reached in 2021. However, Sony, citing concerns over the regulatory investigation, expressed hesitancy in appointing Goenka as the leader of the newly-formed entity. This difference in opinion regarding leadership ultimately became an insurmountable obstacle, leading to the termination of the merger deal.

SEBI’s inquiry into Goenka’s behavior further complicated the merger process. Zee staunchly stood by Goenka, advocating for his continuation as CEO of the merged entity. It was quite obvious to understand Sony’s reservations were understandable given the seriousness of the investigation. Also talking about its potential impact on the combined company’s reputation and business outlook.

Are there any scopes for revival of merger?

After the expiration of a 30-day grace period, Sony recently made the decision to formally terminate the merger deal. However, there still remains a glimmer of hope for the potential $10 billion merger, as a recent Bloomberg report revealed that Sony is open to revisiting the merger proposal under one condition – the removal of Goenka from Zee.

This development comes amidst Zee’s persistently declining financial health. Despite the termination letter, it appears that Sony is not completely closing the door on the possibility of a merger. This move reflects Sony’s cautious approach as they explore potential avenues for reviving the deal. As the saga continues, industry analysts and stakeholders alike eagerly await the next steps, as the fate of this high-stakes merger hangs in the balance.

Are there any legal formalities that are going to take place?

In response to the claims made by Sony India and the imposition of a termination fee of Rs 748 crore on Zee, the prominent Indian media giant has expressed its intention to initiate legal proceedings against Sony Group following the cancellation of the $10 billion merger plans. As per an ET report, Zee’s board of directors conveyed, during their meeting held on January 22, that they had taken all requisite measures to facilitate the merger.

Additionally, Zee emphasized that it had actively pursued numerous discussions to explore the feasibility of extending the merger’s completion timeline. Unfortunately, these discussions did not yield any positive outcomes. Maintaining a resolute and professional stance, Zee is now determined to vindicate its legal rights and pursue the appropriate remedies in this matter.


As of now the stocks have fallen by 30%, let’s see what happens in the near future. With all interesting facts decked up, we shall keep you posted.

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