The highly anticipated season of the Shark Tank Season 3 is making a triumphant return. After the massive success of its first two seasons. This unique platform provides aspiring entrepreneurs with an invaluable opportunity. It is the time to showcase their groundbreaking business ideas to a panel of esteemed judges. Armed with their entrepreneurial insights and expertise, the judges meticulously evaluate each presentation. While they determine whether they are willing to invest their hard-earned capital. If they are captivated by a compelling concept, the game begins—a vigorous discussion unfolds, paving the path to a potential life-changing deal.

However, if the pitch falls short of convincing the judges, a definitive “no” can swiftly shatter dreams. Much like its acclaimed American counterpart, Shark Tank India offers a riveting blend of innovation, competition, and high-stakes negotiations. Therefore brace yourselves for the captivating journey ahead!

Any new changes that happened in Shark Tank Season 3

In the second episode of Shark Tank India 3, a notable scene unfolds as Zomato founder, Deepinder Goyal, ignites the panel with his sharp critique on the basics of communication. The show takes a refreshing turn, reminiscent of its earlier years with the return of edgy criticisms and a renewed sense of purpose. This season, with fresh faces in the tank and a plethora of new ideas, Shark Tank India reclaims its coveted position as primetime highbrow reality TV entertainment.

As the third season premieres amidst prevailing muted funding trends and unsettling revelations about industry superstars, the backdrop seems ripe for fresh perspectives. Even Byju’s, the once-lauded poster child of a booming segment, recently disclosed surprising numbers, adding fuel to the ever-evolving start-up narrative. Amidst the turmoil, start-ups continue to hold an allure as a fertile territory for both investors and viewers alike. Because of all facts the season is quite creative. In addition it serves to be a beautiful moment.

List of Judges of Shark Tank Season 3

Here by we have mentioned a list of all judges that might be seen on Shark Tank Season 3.

shark tank s3 – 1
  • Aman Gupta, Co-Founder of BoAT 
  • Anupam Mittal, CEO and Founder of 
  • Vineeta Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of Sugar Cosmetics
  • Namita Thapar: Executive Director (ED) of Emcure Pharmaceuticals
  • Deepinder Goyal: CEO and Co-Founder of Zomato
  • Ritesh Agarwal: CEO and Founder of OYO Rooms
  • Radhika Gupta: CEO and MD of Edelweiss Mutual Fund
  • Amit Jain: CEO and Co-Founder of CarDekho
  • Peyush Bansal: CEO and Co-Founder of Lenskart
  • Azhar Iqubal: CEO and Co-Founder of Inshorts
  • Ronnie Screwvala: Chairperson and Co-Founder of UpGrad
  • Varun Dua: CEO and Founder of ACKO

What impact did Shark Tank Season 3 have as of now?

Shark Tank India has not only inspired streaming and television imitations but has even motivated state-backed enterprises. Above all, the captivating mix of innovative ideas, meticulous number crunching, and the underlying backdrop of education has proven enduringly intriguing. Thus the show’s success goes far beyond mere entertainment; it embodies a revolution in the start-up ecosystem.

With Deepinder Goyal’s captivating return and the infusion of fresh talent, Shark Tank India 3 is poised to reignite interest in the entrepreneurial landscape. Above all viewers eagerly witness the budding entrepreneurs step into the tank, the show continues its legacy of sparking inspiration and fostering innovation. In an industry marked by uncertainties and upheavals, Shark Tank India reminds us that the journey of entrepreneurship remains as enthralling and captivating as ever. Furthermore, let’s wait for new start ups coming to pitch again.


Firstly, get ready to dive into the thrilling world of entrepreneurship with Shark Tank India Season 3! Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled ride as this highly anticipated season has already begun on January 22nd at 10 p.m., exclusively on SonyLIV. This season is set to push boundaries with faster pitches, intense negotiations, and a plethora of inspiring stories.

In conclusion, You won’t want to miss a moment of the action as aspiring entrepreneurs showcase their innovative ideas to a panel of seasoned investors, also known as the sharks. In case we find any new updates we shall add it to the article.

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