Diwali is more than just a festival. Let’s cherish an experience that celebrates togetherness, tradition, and the joy of giving. This Diwali enjoy the spiritual bells and positive surroundings of Varanasi. Varanasi is a spiritual city that is made much more alluring by the celebration of Diwali. The ghats are illuminated by an endless supply of earthen lamps, which creates a strange and utterly enchanting scene. All in all it is a beautiful spot. Therefore we have tried to mention all that we could find about Varanasi.

At Dashashwamedh Ghat, take in the Ganga Aarti, where priests bathe the river in devotion while songs ring forth. A popular Diwali trip, Varanasi is the finally meeting point of joy and divinity. The holy city of Varanasi, one of India’s holiest cities, lights the ghats with innumerable Diya’s as it celebrates Diwali alongside the Ganges.

Best time to visit Varanasi

The birthplace of Hinduism and the spiritual center of India is Varanasi. Consequently, it is important to Hindus and not just a tourist destination. Furthermore, One of the greatest times to go to the sacred site is during Diwali. Given its position of 80.71 meters above sea level, the city is characterized by high dryness and humidity. As a consequence the city is at its most vibrant all year round when it comes to culture and religious customs.

The holy River Ganges, where the Ganga aarti is offered every evening, temples, and the city of Lord Shiva are the main attractions of Varanasi. Therefore this holy site is frequented year-round by a large number of pilgrims, visitors, and photographers.

Good Food options/ Dining’s

Three types of chaat are particularly well-known in Varanasi: Palak, Dahi Bhalla, and Tamatar. The two best ones are Kashi Chaat Bhandar at Godowlia Road and Deena Chaat Bhandar near Dashashwamedh Ghat. Good food is equally important thus, we have mentioned some Good restaurants to eat in:

  • Canton Royale Restaurant, located at S.20 / 51, Hotel Surya A-5, The Mall Rd, Cantt, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221002, India, offers a more upscale dining experience with Indian and global fare served in an elegant heritage space. It has a rating of 4.2 stars on Google Maps.
  • Baati Chokha Restaurant, located at Aanand Mandir Cinema Hall, Raja Bazar Rd, Andhrapull, Teliyabag, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221002, India, is a popular spot for trying classically prepared Indian snacks without meat. It has a rating of 4.2 stars on Google Maps.
  • Phulwari Restaurant & Sami Cafe, located at D 37/33, near Badadev, Baradeo, Godowlia, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221001, India, is a great place to try local Indian cuisine in a more casual setting. It has a rating of 3.8 stars on Google Maps.
  • Roma’s Cafe Diner, located at 24, 2nd, Swastik Plaza, Near Ravidas Gate, Lanka, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221005, India, offers a variety of Indian and Continental fast food and mains in a white exposed-brick space with city views. It has a rating of 4.3 stars on Google Maps.

Top 5 Hotels to Stay in

  • HOTEL FOUR SEASON – Low-key hotel offering snug, simply decorated rooms with TVs, sitting areas & kettles. Price: ₹2,204 per night.
  • Rivera Palace – Simple rooms with kitchenettes in a casual hotel offering a restaurant, plus free breakfast & Wi-Fi. Price: ₹2,155 per night.
  • Bedzzz, Varanasi – No-nonsense rooms with cable TV in a modest budget hotel featuring a restaurant. Price: ₹1,814 per night.
  • Shree Ganesha Palace – Relaxed rooms with safes in a casual 1900s heritage hotel offering complimentary breakfast. Price: ₹2,729 per night.
  • THE LANDMARK HOTEL – Warm quarters in an informal hotel featuring a restaurant & a rooftop cafe, plus breakfast. Price: ₹2,764 per night

How to reach Varanasi?

  • By Air: Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport is a public airport located in Babatpur, 26 km northwest of Varanasi. There are frequent domestic flights to and from Varanasi to numerous Indian cities, and it is well-connected to large cities. Private taxi companies, on the other hand, provide their services from Varanasi to other Indian cities in addition to state-owned airlines.
  • By Train: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and other major Indian cities are well-served by rail connections from Varanasi’s two main railway stations, Kashi Junction and Varanasi Junction.
  • By Road: Varanasi boasts an extensive road network due to its location on the level Ganga plains. You can use a cab or a private taxi. Moreover it is convenient to use nowadays.

Places you can visit

  • Kashi Vishwanath Temple: This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas (most sacred Shiva temples) in India. In short, the temple is located in the heart of Varanasi and hence is a major pilgrimage site for Hindus.
  • Dasaswamedh Ghat: This is the most famous ghat in Varanasi and is known for its evening aarti ceremony. The aarti is a Hindu ritual of worship that involves the offering of light to the gods. The Dasaswamedh Ghat aarti is a particularly spectacular event, with hundreds of priests participating and thousands of onlookers watching.
  • Manikarnika Ghat: This is the main cremation ghat in Varanasi. Hindus believe that dying in Varanasi and being cremated at Manikarnika Ghat will lead to moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death).
  • Assi Ghat: This is a popular ghat for both tourists and locals. It is known for its peaceful atmosphere and its beautiful views of the Ganges River.
  • Sarnath: This is a Buddhist pilgrimage site located about 10 kilometers from Varanasi. It is the place where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon after attaining enlightenment. Thus, Sarnath is home to a number of Buddhist temples and monasteries, including the Dhamek Stupa and the Chaukhandi Stupa.
  • Ramnagar Fort: This fort is located on the opposite bank of the Ganges River from Varanasi. It was built by the Mughal emperor Akbar in the 16th century. The fort is now a museum and houses a collection of artifacts from the Mughal period.
  • Tulsi Manas Temple: This temple is dedicated to the poet Tulsidas, who wrote the Ramcharitmanas, a retelling of the Hindu epic Ramayana


In conclusion, Everyone should travel to Varanasi at least once. Varanasi has a distinct atmosphere. But, you might decide it’s not worth the trip to Varanasi if you’re not religious and have no interest in it. Furthermore, be prepared for crowds everywhere in Varanasi.

Varanasi is a city of contrasts, where the ancient and modern coexist side by side. It is a place where spirituality and everyday life are intertwined, and where the past and present are constantly colliding. It is a city that is both fascinating and challenging, but it is also a city that is deeply rewarding to visit. Hereby we have mentioned all that we could find about Varanasi. Thus, we shall take a leave. In case we find any new update we will it to the article.

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